Fuck diabetes, fuck it up it’s stupid arse. #lifechanger #we’renotinkansasanymoretoto

I feel like a teenager again finding this little gem.

Algebra Will Be The Death of Me

I’m way too fucking old to be worrying about algebraic equations. Fuck you college, fuck you up your stupid ass. I’m too fucking old to be in college but this playing Paramedic shit has gotten old quick and I don’t like what the future holds if I don’t get out.

Punks not Dead

I recently attended a punk rock show. Like most shows it was a band I never heard of. I’m standing there listening to the band and watching kids much younger and angrier than myself dance and scream along. I sat back and thought to myself, “punk isn’t dead it’s just moving on to another generation.”

I still have a lot of the same ideals when I was young. I don’t wear the uniform anymore. But I still have the heart and feelings.

Punk isn’t dead in my life it’s just grown up and camouflaged into the mainstream. In me it’s hidden in the form of being a husband, paramedic, firefighter. But every now and then I find myself running in a circle pit wailing my arms around like a fucking mad man screaming along…

Punk is far from dead, the uniform has just moved to a new generation. The old generation has just infiltrated the system and we’re fucking shit up in our own way.

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Gay Marriage & The Catholic Church


I am VERY disappointed by the Catholic church and this diocese which I am a member of because of where I live. For me being Catholic is a catch 22. I love the fact the Catholic church doesn’t change at the will of what’s popular in society but I also DESPISE the fact the church does not just keep it’s opinion to itself. Anyone who has read the bible knows what is said in it. That’s no surprise. Do we have have to reiterate it? We as catholics already walk around with black eyes because of the pediphiles who were in the rank and file that we trusted. Do we really want to be back in the media again!?

Society as a whole is “accepting” of the idea of gay marriage. Me personally? I just don’t care. I am a married man with a amazing wife. What goes on in my bedroom is between my wife, myself and the good Lord. I honestly doubt the good Lord cares how we get down in the bedroom. I don’t care what 2 women or 2 men do, call it whatever you want. I don’t give 2 shits.

I have 2 aunts who are outstanding examples of what it means to be catholic and be outstanding members of the community. Guess what? They’re gay and they have been together longer than I have been alive. If they ever decided to walk down the aisle and get married I will be there with bells on.

I’m catholic & I don’t care if you’re gay and want to get married. Marriage is NOT easy by any standard. If you wanna give it a go, have at it.

Bicycle build

Had a dream about building the wife a pink bicycle with touches of white. No money or skill to weld and build one from the ground up but I do have a old early 90’s Specialized Rock Hopper frame and parts laying in my garage that happen to fit her frame size.

I’ll be posting pictures as I tear it down and build it up. Stay tuned..

1 piece of nicotine gum, 41 oz of water, 30 punk/hardcore songs and 99 degrees outside.

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So I have decided to quit smoking again. GRRRRRRR it hasn’t been 24 hours yet and my wife as already quit speaking to me. I’m not sure if its’ the craving for a smoke or the fact that I am just really fucking annoyed with her.

My wife is preparing to go after her Master’s degree in Social Work. That’s great and all but today she explains to me with her degree she’ll be lucky to make 31k a year…


I don’t have a degree and I make more than that! I have grown so fucking tired of working 2 jobs to support my family while my wife continues to work piss pay jobs because she wants to gain experience in “her field”.

Fuck that!, You want experience go volunteer at a nursing home. It’s time to get off your fucking ass and go get a education in something that pays the bills. At this fucking rate we’ll never have children! I only kill myself and fall apart every single fucking week to make ends meet while she goes and “works” some piss ass 22k a year job.

I really hope this is just the lack of real nicotine and the fact that I haven’t been able to get out talking otherwise shit is about to get real serious.